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Hao Zhu


PhD Student

Language, CogSci, Robotics.

Hao Zhu at Boston

Hey there! I'm Hao Zhu, a fifth-year doctoral student at the Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. I'm super lucky to be advised by Graham Neubig and Yonatan Bisk.

My ultimate dream is to unravel the mysteries of human intelligence. Inspired by Feynman's famous quote, "What I cannot create, I do not understand," I dive into research in ML, NLP, and Robotics, not only taking inspiration from but also contributing to a better understanding of humans themselves.

I take an interactionist approach to understand how language is acquired and used in the context of social and embodied environments. Previously I studied Theory-of-Mind modeling and proactive exploration's role in language learning. Now I am focusing on building realistic open-ended social and embodied environments.

This site is still under construction. Feel free to email me if you are interested in any missing parts.