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Encouraging and Evaluating Embodied Exploration
CVPR 2023
Hao Zhu1
Raghav Kapoor1
So Yeon Min 1
Winson Han2
Jiatai Li1
Kaiwen Geng1
Graham Neubig1
Yonatan Bisk1
Aniruddha Kembhavi2
Luca Weihs2
1Carnegie Mellon University 2Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
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Excalibur is a new questions answering task for embodied AI. It is designed both as an evaluation benchmark and as a training signal for simulated robots exploring 3D environements. Different from previous embodied QA tasks, Excalibur requires agents to explore the environment before seeing the questions (Phase I/II), and allows them to reenter the environment to refine their answers (Phase III/IV). It is also more realistic with low-level manipulation actions, and more challenging with procedurally generated scenes and questions. Please first enjoy the following one minute walkthrough video to get a quick overview of the task.

One Minute Walkthrough

Excalibur Task Demo